Reasons to shop from us

AINTEROL Natural Products USA, Inc. is specialized to alternative male and female enhancement products. Main enhancement herbs consist of (Lat.)Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia, Butea Superba, Pueraria Mirifica, Anaxagorea Luzonensis, Kaempferia Parviflora and almost twenty other herbs. We supply numerous other manufacturers, custom brands and private research institutions worldwide.

AINTEROL Natural Products USA, Inc. Cosmetics are designed to support, improve and balance your own natural skin development instead of breaking or changing it with industrial chemicals. Our new 2ND GENERATION manufacturing process for cosmetics offers amazing effects to enhance your body. 2ND Generation uses 40% of renewable Solar Power and 60% of Natural Gas. We use US patent pending preservative free manufacturing process to all our cosmetics. None of our products contain alcohol (ethanol, grain alcohol).

We donít use known toxic or suspected toxic chemicals in our cosmetics. We are targeting to food grade ingredients and natural unmodified solutions. Our products are not tested on animals. Furthermore, we developed, engineered and built a new unique nature friendly manufacturing process where nothing is left waste. We can recycle or reuse waste from our production.

AINTEROL Natural Products USA, Inc. supplements are manufactured from pesticide free organic materials. Grown, cropped and processed by AINTEROL Group owned subsidiaries. We control and manufacture our raw ingredients from the very beginning until the end of the manufacturing process. We donít add silica, potato-, corn- or rice starch, or other chemical additives to our natural supplements. Adding such non-effective fillers cheapens and weakens the product efficiency and reliability.